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  • FEC Scholarship Recipient is College Loan Free

    Attending college for free sounds like a dream, right? Well, 2014 Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) scholarship recipient Andrea Rivera made that dream a reality by applying for as many scholarships as she could.


    Andrea had been applying for college scholarships long before she even graduated from East Chicago Central High School. By the time she was awarded her $2,500 FEC scholarship, it was the last little bit she needed to fund her education at Indiana University.


    “I can now focus on my plans and goals because finances are not an issue,” said Andrea.


    Those plans and goals include continuing to receive good grades, getting involved on campus, and eventually graduating from IU to become an event coordinator with a five-star hotel or event planning company. At IU’s School of Public Heath, Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management, Andrea is learning all about coordinating corporate events, galas, receptions, parties, and much more.


    “The scholarship encourages me to keep moving forward. FEC awarded me this scholarship because they believed in me. I want to show FEC that they invested in something great,” said Andrea.


    Andrea appreciates the support that her city has shown her and encourages other East Chicago students to apply for the FEC scholarship, as well.


    “Receiving money and support, especially from your hometown, is such a blessing! So, do not limit yourself, and apply!”


    She also recognizes that she isn’t the only FEC scholarship recipient to achieve success.


    “I am friends with many recipients of the FEC scholarship, and they are traveling the world, establishing their careers, and reaching greater heights. I really think that FEC helped encourage those students, and we as scholars want to impact the world.”


    To learn about the success stories of other FEC scholarship recipients, visit or follow @FoundationsEC on Facebook and Twitter.



    Andrea Rivera


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