Peter Smith (Foundations of East Chicago)

Peter Smith



Peter Smith has been a loyal, dedicated and hardworking member with the Foundations of East Chicago since its inception. Peter serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors, is the Chair of the Scholarship Committee and, now, we are honoring his hard work and dedication with a newsletter spotlight.


Peter’s strong desire to help the people of East Chicago is what prompted him to join the FEC team, a team that he believes does the most good for the city’s residents.


“I have always been committed to helping improve my community and I saw an opportunity to serve my community in a greater capacity and to impact a wider range of residents throughout the city,” said Peter of coming to FEC.


Although he states that FEC contributes to many different types of programs in the community, Peter maintains that the investment made in education will be “the legacy of the Foundations of East Chicago”.


“I feel [FEC’s contribution to education] is creating a greater sense of pride, passion and ownership throughout this community,” said Peter.


Peter sees a bright future for those in the city whom FEC has helped, particularly the students in FEC-funded education programs.


“We believe in our community and expect great things from our youth,” said Peter.