The Foundations of East Chicago is all about helping the community in any way they can. They work to create a positive, healthy and thriving city for residents of East Chicago.


FEC has awarded $600,000 in grant funding to several local nonprofits in the community that strive to make a difference. One of those nonprofits is the Food Bank of NWI. Throughout the summer, the Food Bank of NWI will provide breakfast and lunch for more than 400 children and teens at a dozen locations.


Many children in the area rely on resources such as the Food Bank to survive due to financial hardships within their families. FEC is working to help these children through the grants it has awarded nonprofits like the Food Bank of NWI. More than 20 percent of children in Lake and Porter counties are considered food insecure, which means they do not have access to nutritious food. This is why FEC’s assistance to other nonprofits is so important.


To learn more about FEC and its grantees, call 219-392-4225 or visit