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These scholarships are provided to college-bound high school students who are residents of East Chicago and have a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA.  Students must also be involved in school and community leadership activities and exhibit qualities of high character and integrity.

An applicant MUST meet the following prerequisites at the time of application submission to be eligible for consideration:

  • The resident of the City of East Chicago.
  • High School student on track to graduate with high school diploma at the end of the current academic year.
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative G.P.A.
  • Submit two letters of recommendations from individuals (no relatives) that can demonstrate evidence of the student’s character, leadership, and integrity. Where appropriate, letterhead must be used, dated and signed.
  • Community Service Form(s) reflecting 20 hours of community service.
  • Submit a 250-300 word essay: topic explained in the Scholarship Application
  • A copy of full FAFSA Report.
  • Official copy of latest high school transcript.
  • Provide proof of residency which can be one of the following:
    • A state or government issued photo ID with name and address.
    • Mail from a college or university with name and address.
    • High School transcript with an address listed
  • Be available for a formal interview with the Scholarship Committee if needed.


2018 High School Recipients

Alejandra Perez                   BNI                        $10,000

Yasmeen Muhammad        ECCHS                  $10,000

Nicholas Davis II                 ECCHS                  $10,000

Isac Alacron Aguilar           ECCHS                  $10,000

Suhjey   Gutierrez                ECCHS                  $10,000

Jacquelyn Delgado              ECCHS                  $7,500

Christian Montemayor       ECCHS                  $7,500

Jocelyn  Alvarez                  Whiting                  $7,500

Fernando Mena Jr                ECCHS                  $5,000

David Avila                          ECCHS                  $5,000

Jonathan Morataya             ECCHS                  $5,000

Sonia Olavarria                    Lighthouse            $5,000

Carlos Lucio                         ECCHS                  $5,000

Ahmed   Sultan                    Lighthouse            $5,000

Armaan Sultan                    Lighthouse            $5,000

Amaris   Soriano                  ECCHS                  $5,000

Lorena   Alanis                     SFDS                      $5,000

Fernando Santillan              ECCHS                  $5,00

Zariah Frierson                     ECCHS                  $4,000

Lilliana Maceira                  ECCHS                  $4,000

Sonia Menchaca                 ECCHS                  $4,000

Adriana Rosado                  Whiting                  $4,000

Jenasae  Bishop                   ECCHS                  $4,000

Julian Espino                        ECCHS                  $4,000

T’aira Walker                        ECCHS                  $4,000

Daniel Solis                           Whiting                  $4,000

Nia Hurt                                ECCHS                  $4,000

Fabian Rosado                     Lighthouse            $4,000

Alexis Knox                         ECCHS                  $4,000

Ta’Kara Jackson                 ECCHS                  $4,000

Julian McCoy                       ECCHS                  $4,000

Jasmine  Malagon               Whiting                  $4,000

Jaime Velazques                  ECCHS                  $4,000

Esperanza Flores                  Lighthouse            $4,000

Arile Lehmann                    ECCHS                  $4,000

Javier Carrillo                       ECCHS                  $4,000

JaNiah Robinson                 ECCHS                  $4,000

Andre Lopez                        Lighthouse            $4,000

Mateo Garcia                        Mt. Carmel           $4,000

Jeremy   Santos                    ECCHS                  $4,000

Jessica Avina                        ECCHS                  $4,000

Benjanae Harvey                 ECCHS                  $4,000

Olivia Walls                          ECCHS                  $4,000

Tamia Lay                            ECCHS                  $4,000

Daniela  Ocanas                  ECCHS                  $4,000

Diana Cisneros                     ECCHS                  $4,000

Aisaleah Gillis                       Whiting                  $4,000

Destiny  Ketron                    ECCHS                  $4,000

Sydrick  Sinclair                   ECCHS                  $4,000

Delilah Delgado                   ECCHS                  $4,000

Adan Ocampo                      Lighthouse            $4,000

Dekota   Oquendo               ECCHS                  $4,000

Ahmed   Hamed                  Lighthouse            $4,000

Lauryn Smith                       ECCHS                  $3,000

Jasmine Garcia Salazar    ECCHS                  $3,000

Salvador Granados             ECCHS                  $3,000

Mireya Ramirez                   ECCHS                  $3,000

Ashante Johnson                 ECCHS                  $3,000

Jeremiah McKinney            Lighthouse            $3,000

Rene Castillo                        ECCHS                  $3,000

Diamond Donegan              Lighthouse            $3,000

Karianys Rivera Del Valle ECCHS                  $3,000

Kalani Couisnard                 ECCHS                  $3,000

Abel-Raul Alejandre           BNI                        $3,000                              

Com. College/2yr                  

Melissa  Ceballos                 ECCHS                  $3,000

Jordan    Velez                      ECCHS                  $3,000  



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