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2024 Program Grants:

Program Grant – are annual grants that are directed to support specific programs that meet FEC priorities.  Programs must have a definitive plan with measurable outcomes and must have an operational plan that demonstrates potential for success.

  • Applications available on-line beginning December 1, 2023.
  • Applications are due January 8, 2024.
  • An application received after the deadline will be ineligible for funding.
  • Award announcements will be released late March 2024.

FEC will consider equipment, software, food and gas gift cards, materials, supplies, transportation, and rental space only if items requested pertain to the program and detailed explanations are given for each.

Equipment (pertaining to program) Speaker Fees
Software (pertaining to program) Conferences
Food gift cards (pertaining to program)    Funds to obtain a 501 (c) 3
Gas gift cards (pertaining to program) Landscaping
Materials (pertaining to program)              Marquees
Supplies (pertaining to program) Membership Fees
Transportation (pertaining to program) Storage Rental
Rental space (pertaining to program) Home Office
  Mortgage payments
  Landlines and Cellphones 
  Web maintenance and Internet 

2024 Program Grant Handouts

Please review the following documents before accessing any of the 2024 program grant information.

The program grant cycle is very competitive process.  Please fill out the application form completely and accurately.  Don’t forget to attach all the required documentation.

Applications submitted without the required attachments/documents will be automatically denied.

Applications not filled out completely (i.e., narratives not corresponding to the program’s budget:  an incomplete or incorrect budget, unanswered questions, incorrect contact information, etc.) will be considered incomplete and automatically denied.

Please click the following 2024 Program Grant Application


All organizations must submit their 2022 and 2023 Organization’s Operating Budget.  You can modify this form to meet your needs.

Or you can use your own 2022 and 2023 Operating Budget already approved by your Board of Directors.

2022 & 2023 Organizational Budget Form


All organizations must submit a 2024 Program Grant Budget. 


2024 Program Grant Information

Questions related to any grant processes and procedures can be addressed to Janet Wozniak, or Raquel Avila,


  • If awarded all funds must be used between:  April 1, 2024 – March 31, 2025.  All expenditures must be supported by financial documentation. 

Maximum of one submission per 501 (c) (3).

Eligibility Requirements

  • A recognized 501 (c)(3) agency in good standing with the IRS and registered in the state of Indiana.
  • In good standing with the Foundations of East Chicago.

Applications not meeting all of the above-listed criteria are automatically denied.

Important Things to Know

This is a very competitive process.  All information and attachments must be properly entered and submitted by the deadline date.  Failure to comply could disqualify the application.

If your program will take place within any of the East Chicago Schools or clubs, current MOU (memorandum of understanding) or letter of approval from the Principal/Superintendent or lead administrator must accompany the application.

Along with the application you must submit your organization’s 2022 and 2023 Organizational Operating Budget and the 2024 Program Budget.

  • The Organization’s Operating Budget is the financial statement that is submitted annually for approval by the nonprofit organization's Board of Directors. It is a projection of Income and Expenses for the organization's fiscal year.
  • The Program Budget calculates the resources required to carry out the program or project which is being proposed for funding.

Please note that your Organization’s Operating budget should include all income and expenses including grant revenue received from the Foundations of East Chicago or any other entity. 

The Program Budget section is the backbone of the grant proposal. Some grant reviewers turn right to the budget before even reading the proposal to see what the money will be used for. Program activities must drive the budget. The program narrative should match the budget perfectly. There should be no “surprises” in a budget; cost estimates should be credible and realistic; inflated budgets will damage your credibility with the grant reviewer; the use of the word “Miscellaneous” or “Etc.” in the line-item description is not accepted.

In-kind contributions are goods and services that are provided at no cost to the organizations. In-kind contributions can include salaried staff time, volunteer hours, office space, use of equipment for administrative or programmatic purposes, and materials donated (e.g., for publicity or evaluation). In-kind goods and services are typically goods and services that your organization would have to otherwise buy if they had not been donated. Applicants should determine the fair market value of these contributions and include them in the program grant budget.

The maximum allowed for Administration, stipends, contractors, consultants, instructor fees, aides and assistants cannot exceed 30% of the total grant award.  Names of individuals providing services and their credentials must be included in the line-item description.

2024 Program Grant

The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) is proud to announce $376,947.00, in grant funding to local nonprofits that are making a difference in our community.  Grant recipients were selected based on applications submitted during the program grant round that supports at least one of FEC’s focus areas:  education/job training, health & safety, and community enrichment.

This was a competitive selection process. The 2024 grant awards best reflect the vision and mission of FEC focus on enriching the lives of East Chicago residents of all ages. 

Agencies selected addressed a broad range of community needs including education, job training, resources for food and shelter and healthy living.  We encourage everyone to join us in supporting these grantees as they strive to be effective in our community.

The Foundations of East Chicago awarded grants to the following organizations:

Education & Job Training – 

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Northwest Indiana, Inc. – Boys & Girls Club of East Chicago – Youth STEM Programming.  This program will target boys and girls between the ages of five and 18 years old.  Everyday a new age-appropriate activity will be administered by the STEM Coordinator to three age cohorts for one hour each.  Activities can include food chemistry, science of sports, digital literacy, computer science and media making.  For additional information, please contact Ashley Luptak at 219-764-2582 or by email at  Or visit their website at

Chicagoland Immigrant Welcome Network – Immigration – Know Your Rights East Chicago Resident Consultations. Educational awareness workshops will be offered without cost to the attendees.  This program will enable attendees to understand their Immigration Rights.  They will be provided answers to their questions on their immigrant status.   For additional information, please contact Diana Gilbert at 219-671-8308 or by email at   Or visit their website at

Indiana Dunes Environmental Learning Center, Inc. – Environmental STEM Education for East Chicago Elementary Students.  This program will bring learning outside, engage East Chicago students in grades K-6th to improve school performance, cultivate a stewardship ethic, and create pathways to pursue educational and career opportunities in science and the outdoors.  For additional information, please contact Michelle Krueger at 219-682-8956 or by email at Or visit their website at

Mental Health America of Lake County, Inc. – Ready to Soar East Chicago. Is based out of the Carrie Gosch Early Learning center and is a school readiness and transition program for incoming kindergarten children, their parents, and their schools, offering both school and home-based services.  Services are free and run from September through June each school year.  For additional information, please contact Kimberly Smith at 219-671-1579 or by email at Or visit their website at 

Mission of Jesus Christ Non-Denominational Church – Alternatives to Bridging the Gap.  Alternatives has four major components: “Summer School,” “Garden,” “Always Promoting Promise,” and “Hopes and Dreams.” For additional information, please contact Eric Dahl at 219-677-2810 or by email at

Paying it Forward, Inc. – Paying it Forward Resource Center.  This program will give people a hand up during a challenging time.  Participants can come and use computers to apply for support, resume building, career workshops to name a few.  For additional information, please contact Tammy Longoria at 219-318-3122 or by email at  Or visit their website at

Teens in Action, Inc.– Math, Writing and Higher Education.  This organization offers the following three programs:  math camp that is designed to develop a love for math; second is Ready to Literacy to enhance reading skills by engaging them in authoring their own book, and lastly, taking participants on a college tour focusing on historically Black colleges.  For additional information, please contact Bridgette Spann at 219-397-5117 or by email at  

The New Twin City Ministerial Alliance, Inc. – Youth Empowerment Project (YEP). YEP, is a summer work-based program to prepare young adults for the post-secondary education world.  Participants will work in jobs over 10 weeks in the summer as determined by their supervisors.  Each student will earn $7.00 per hour, half they receive in a paycheck the other half will be deposited in a savings account. Participants are required to attend a weekly workshop that may deal with proper banking practices, how to maintain proper credit scores, balancing a checkbook, how to apply for scholarships as well as apprenticeship opportunities along with other topics that address life skills. For additional information, please contact Pastor T. Brian Hill at 219-741-6322 or by email at

Health & Safety – 

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Gary, Inc. – Safe Haven:  Homeless Prevention. This program addresses concerns of homeless prevention and family unity for the city and the residents of East Chicago.  The objective is to keep families in their homes and unified to avoid homelessness.  For additional information, please contact LaShawn Jones-Taylor at 219-886-3549 or by email at  Or visit their website at

East Chicago Citizens Police Academy, Inc. – East Chicago Citizens Police Academy.  This is an outreach program to assist in bridging the gap between citizens and the police department.  The intention is to focus on public safety through education while creating dialogue between the community and local law enforcement.  For additional information, please contact George Cossey at 219-516-2134 or by email at

Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago & Northwest Indiana – Girl Scouts in East Chicago:  Staff-Facilitated Troop.  Healthy living is a key component of Girl Scouts East Chicago, which is an after-school program that puts at-risk girls on the path to a positive future.  Their program is designed around the following four pillars:  Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  For additional information, please contact Nico Wood Kos at 312-912-6370 or by email at  Or visit their website at

Grace Beyond Borders NWI, Inc. – Ready Life – Ending Homelessness.  This program consists of three modules – Outreach, Case Management, and In-house and off-site Life Skills small group meetings.  For additional information, please contact Marcus Martin at 219-712-5192 or by email at  Or visit their website at

Haven House, Inc. – Haven House Shelter and Life Skills Programming.  They provide temporary, emergency shelter and essentials for daily living for domestic violence survivors and their children.  Life Skill groups provide education and information meant to empower the survivor and their children.  For additional information, please contact Candace Jorden at 219-931-2090 or by email at  Or visit their website at

HealthLinc, Inc. – HealthLinc Food as Medicine.  Providers prescribe medically tailored foods that will address the patient’s health concerns.  Staff will work with the patient to acquire their food, cooking supplies, and health journey packet.  For additional information, please contact Madeleine Grimm at 888-580-1060 or by email at  Or visit their website at

St. Catherine Hospital, Inc. – Hospital Readmission Prevention Program.  This program will provide education, transportation, and medication to the patient at the time of discharge.  For additional information, please contact Julie Latta at 219-392-7116 or by email at  Or visit their website at


St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church – Food Pantry.  Their Food Pantry Ministry provides a monthly or as-needed food/grocery distribution to East Chicago residents. The pantry is open on the third Saturday of each month.  For additional information, please contact Jo Anne McDonald at 219-662-8894 or by email at

St. Patrick Catholic Church –Funds will be used to start and maintain a soup kitchen.  St. Pat’s and St. John the Evangelist (SJE) parishes have formed a partnership to start feeding 75 East Chicago residents on the first Saturday of each month.  For additional information, please contact Sylvia Galvan at 219-398-1036 or by email at

The Salvation Army – Community Meal Program and Food Pantry Support.  Community meals are available Monday – Friday from noon – 1:00 p.m.  The Food Pantry is open Monday – Thursday from 9:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m.  For additional information, please contact Amanda Maynard at 219-838-0380 or by email at  Or visit their website at


Community Enrichment

Bishop Noll Institute – Summer Enrichment Program.  This program offers educational opportunities for children from 4th through 8th graders from East Chicago. Children who participate are placed into the age or ability group to best support their development in Athletics, or the Fine Arts.  For additional information, please contact Ryan Julian at 219-932-9058 or by email at Or visit their website at

East Chicago Public Library – Amazing Experiences Begin at Your Library. This program offers 1,379 yearlong exciting programs designed to celebrate diversity and cultural awareness through literacy-based initiatives for children and adults.   For additional information, please contact Latonya Hicks at 219-397-2453 or by email at  Or visit their website at

Grace Missionary Baptist Church of East Chicago, Inc. – Grace Family Rebuilding Communities Together.   Grace computer class with Family/Community Support consists of up to four computer lab classes.  Classes currently meet weekly between April 2024 to March 2025.  Community support meetings will meet at least twice monthly on-site and outside trips.  For additional information, please contact Renee Brown at 219-588-9565 or by email at  Or visit their website at

Humane Indiana, Inc. – Extending Humane Indiana Wildlife Programs.  This program aims to provide an exciting and accessible platform for children and families to connect with wildlife, fostering a sense of curiosity and environmental awareness.  For additional information, please contact Christina Moore at 219-513-8911 or by email at  Or visit their website at

Top 20, Inc. – Top 20 II Dance and Mentoring Program.  This program is designed to prepare school-aged students to make constructive life choices and empower them to become productive members of society. It has four components:  Dance, Mentoring, Community Service and Field Trips.  For additional information, please contact Carolyn Upshaw-Royal at 517-349-1312 or by email at  Or visit their website at

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