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General Scholarships

These scholarships are provided to adult East Chicago residents who have a high school diploma or GED and are planning to attend an accredited post-secondary educational/trade institution in the specified academic year.

These scholarships fall into three categories:

  • Non-Traditional Scholarship -For those individuals who have a high school diploma/GED and have been out of school for at least one year.
  • Trade/Other – For those individuals seeking a certification or apprenticeship in a trade or technical field.
  • Continuing Education -For individuals who already have a degree but are seeking an additional certification, Masters or Doctoral degree.

An applicant MUST meet the following prerequisites at the time of application submission to be eligible for consideration:

  • The resident of the City of East Chicago (Provide two proofs of residency: i.e. State/government issued ID, a copy of utility bill, etc.).
  • Copy of full FAFSA Report (if applicable)
  • Submit a minimum 250 word essay: topic explained in the Scholarship Application.
  • Submit two letters of recommendations from individuals (no relatives) that can demonstrate evidence of the student’s character, leadership, and integrity. Where appropriate, letterhead must be used, dated and signed.



2020 Non-Traditional, Continuing Education, Trade Scholarship

Nathaniel Adams

Aaron Brown

Fabiola Contreras

Yoselin Coronado

Diane Daniels

Carlos Fernandez

Arnita Fowlkes

Blanca Guerrero

Tiffany Hill

Madalyn Hurt

Erin Lewis

Eric Luna

Joshua Martin

Annmarie Martinez

Wydeia Mitchell

Pablo Moore

Gabriel Nava

Juan Nunez

Raquel Ordaz

Ashley Pabey

Angela Perez

Ashley Rios

Samantha Velez

Lynn Winfield


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