The Food Bank of NWI is always implementing new programs to help more groups of food insecure residents so that no one falls through the cracks. They currently have programs and events specifically serving students, families and senior citizens across all areas of Lake and Porter counties. They also ensure that they are one of the first organizations to respond when people become suddenly in need after a natural disaster or accident.


While the Food Bank of NWI hosts programs and events for very specific needs, they also make sure to be general enough so that their programs are more inclusive than exclusive.


For example, there are many organizations and programs that provide food delivery to seniors with mobility challenges. However, these groups only offer services to individuals who meet strict requirements. Food Bank of NWI programs such as Fresh Produce Box and Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) deliver food to all food insecure seniors who participate, regardless of their mobility.


The Food Bank of NWI understands that, just because an individual can walk, does not mean that they can afford food, drive to the store or leave the house during the winter months. This is why the Food Bank opens the CSFP and Fresh Produce Box program to all seniors in need.


CSFP and Fresh Produce Box are two programs that, together, work to meet all the nutritional needs of program participants. CSFP ensures that participants receive shelf-stable proteins, carbs and snacks while Fresh Produce Box supplements these items with the nutritional punch of fresh fruits and vegetables. Participants receive one box from each program every month.


Without the combination of these two programs, many seniors in East Chicago and other parts of the region would not have access to proper nutrition and may suffer adverse health effects. To learn more about these programs, visit