Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) just finished another successful scholarship round! FEC is so passionate about awarding scholarships that catapult students to achieve success. We love when students reach back out to us to share their college experiences and it is always nice to see how appreciative students are to have received help from FEC.

Cindy Mora, a graduate from East Chicago Central High School, recently graduated from Purdue University Northwest. Mora received the FEC scholarship in 2019 and went on to major in Human Resource Management. She applied for the scholarship because she wanted to further her education and explained that it would allow her to encounter new opportunities that she otherwise would not have been able to experience.

When describing the impact of the FEC scholarship on her college career, she said: “Having the FEC scholarship throughout college was a blessing. Education is a major investment and there are a lot of expenses in college. There are also many opportunities like study abroad trips, student clubs, and other extracurricular activities that can add in to those expenses. Having the FEC scholarship allowed me to focus on my studies and education. I did not have to worry about not being able to take all the classes I wanted or skipping semesters for lack of funds. It made my dream of visiting Paris come true by making my study abroad in France possible! I am very grateful for the support this scholarship has given me throughout college. It has positively impacted my experience and future.”

Mora would like to tell high school students, when the time comes, to apply for a FEC scholarship! She said, “My advice during this time would be to take every opportunity possible. Do not pull back because of the extra work the application process may require. The time and effort you are putting into this scholarship is rewarding and it is an investment in your education and future.”

We are very proud of Cindy and are especially proud of her taking full advantage of the scholarship and everything college had to offer!!