In 2007, Foundations of East Chicago experienced the beginning of what would be a five-year funding freeze for the nonprofit organization; an ordeal that would be difficult for even larger organizations to survive.


The nonprofit organization helps its grantees through funding received from Ameristar Casino. However, in 2007, political unrest halted the flow of funds to FEC.


Although FEC was not bringing in much revenue during this time, the organization was still able to keep its promises to the programs and grantees that count on it. FEC used banked money to continue its funding of local organizations while the funds from the casino were being withheld.


FEC had budgeted so well in previous years that it was actually able to increase the amount of funds distributed to its community organizations during this funding freeze. For this, local organizations and programs that benefit from FEC assistance, such as St. Joseph’s Carmelite Home and Moms Taking Charge have expressed their gratitude.


In 2012, the year following the removal of the funding freeze, FEC was able to distribute an impressive amount of grants totaling 1.1 million dollars to eight local organizations.


The organizations that received grants in the year 2012 were: Project INSPIRE, Plaza Communitaria, The Unity Event, Healthy East Chicago – 2012 and Beyond, East Chicago Hope and Opportunity, Moms Taking Charge, Youth P.L.U.S and Putting East Chicago Back to Work.


Despite many challenges in recent years, FEC has endured and has never let down those organizations that depend on them most. It has supported the people of East Chicago in good times and in bad and hopes to continue this support for many years to come.


Foundations of East Chicago