Hunger is a growing problem across all parts of the world. East Chicago, Indiana is no different.


One of the leading causes of hunger is poverty. When people have to choose between paying for medical care and paying for nutritious food, their health is destined to suffer. In East Chicago, the poverty rate is currently at 30 percent. That is why the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) and the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana have partnered to bring programs like Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) and Fresh Produce Box to the city.


These programs identify 245 of the most in-need seniors living in East Chicago and provide them with shelf-stable protein, carbs, snacks and fresh produce every month. These foods are distributed free of charge and are delivered right to the recipients’ doors. They contain all that is necessary for the participants to have three nutritious meals and several snacks every day for the entire month.


The Food Banks of NWI’s programs also help the seniors to stay safe during the winter months. Because they have a steady, nutritious food supply being delivered to them year round, they can make fewer trips to the store, avoiding the dangers of the ice and cold.


In addition to delivering food, the CSFP and Fresh Produce Box programs provide nutritional education to participants. They are taught healthy habits that help them to avoid conditions like obesity and malnutrition.


The Food Bank of NWI also hopes that these programs will work to benefit the community in the long term by strengthening bonds with other organizations in the city, including the East Chicago Housing Authority. The presence of the Food Bank in the city will also give East Chicago students more opportunities for volunteering and getting involved. This will help to promote a more tightly knit community, overall.


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