Everybody knows that hunger is a global problem and we often hear about people going hungry in countries far away. But did you know that hunger is also a major problem in the United States? Hunger is prevalent in cities and suburbs all over this country, including here in Northwest Indiana. Check out some of the following hunger statistics to learn more about this problem taking place right in our backyard.


    • -There are 81,570 individuals in Lake County who have been identified as food insecure.


    • -Poverty is a leading cause of food insecurity. 30% of senior households indicated having to choose between food and medical care while 35% have expressed having to choose between paying for food and paying for heat/utilities.


    • -30% of East Chicago households operate below the poverty line.


    • -28% of food insecure seniors report developing diabetes as opposed to 19% of food secure seniors.


    • -Food insecure seniors are more likely to experience depression, report a heart attack, develop asthma and report congestive heart failure than food secure seniors.


    • -Seniors who do not get proper nutrition from food are more susceptible to disability, decreased resistance to infections, lengthened hospital stays and deteriorated mental health.



Because this is such a serious problem, the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) has partnered with the Food Bank of NWI to fund several programs that feed East Chicago residents. Two of these programs are Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) and Fresh Produce Box which focus on feeding food insecure seniors in the city.


For more information on Food Bank of NWI programs and hunger in the region, visit foundationsec.org.