On Friday morning Sept 12, the members (or fellows) of Greenhouse Fellowship gathered at 3419 Michigan Ave to deliver their message to the community of East Chicago: “Unbound by limitations of the past, infectiously optimistic about the future and most likely to be in touch with the next big thing, youth are an indispensable constituency, especially when re-inventing a community.” And that’s just what the fellows of Greenhouse fellowship plan to do for East Chicago: re-invent it!


The members of Greenhouse Fellowship, currently comprised of eight fellows from East Chicago, have pledged to “undergo a variety of experiences” in order to serve their community. They will attend a weekly seminar at the organization’s offices (currently under renovation), participate in a year-long field work experience and complete a community service project that they will individually design and implement. The goal of this project is to ultimately improve the community of East Chicago.


At Friday’s community meeting, the fellows shared that they are “determined to empower the youth and encourage leadership while unifying every East Chicagoan.” Many were in attendance, including Mayor Anthony Copeland. After a brief presentation in which the fellows shared their vision for East Chicago, they participated in a meet-and-greet with members of the community that were in attendance.


For more information about Greenhouse Fellowship Inc., the fellows, and its staff, please visit their website.