Each year, the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) issues Collaboration Grants to groups of three to six organizations with a proposal of a program that will improve the quality of life for the people of East Chicago. Last year, a program called Integrated Student Services (ISS), which works to help East Chicago students stay in school and graduate with high school diplomas, received one of these grants. The organizations that work to make this program possible are as follows:


-Communities in Schools of Lake County (CIS): This is the local affiliate of the nationwide organization that works to keep students in schools across the country. The idea of the ISS program has been practiced and proven by other local CIS affiliates for over 30 years.


-School City of East Chicago (SCEC): This organization provides the locations for the ISS program in each of the participating schools. SCEC has also provided snacks and transportation for student participants.


-Ivy Tech Community College: This partner has provided participants at East Chicago Central High School with Dual Credit opportunities, allowing them to earn credit for some college courses and helping them to graduate on time. Ivy Tech has also provided participants with education on vocation.


-HealthLinc: This partner has been providing basic medical needs for students and families participating in the program. These needs include mental health counseling, dental care and prenatal care.


-Geminus Corporation: This nonprofit is providing mental health, first aid and in-school programming for participants and their families.


For more information on the ISS program and its collaborators, visit foundationsec.org.



Foundations of East Chicago