Seniors ages 55-85 and youth attending their sophomore, junior or senior year in high school are becoming computer literate with the help of Grace Missionary Baptist Church of East Chicago, a Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) grantee.

Up to four Introduction to Computer classes per week for senior citizens will be conducted. In addition, up to two classes per week for youth will be held, after school and with special summer hours.

Senior classes are geared toward helping computer literacy. Past attendees had little or no experience with computers, and some had basic knowledge of Microsoft Office. Projects depend on what the attendee is trying to accomplish, with the end goal of being able to use resources beyond class and in their daily life.

This year, Grace Missionary Baptist Church is offering youth classes for the first time. These classes are available for students in their sophomore – senior year of high school only. Specifically, the classes focus on researching careers or further education opportunities. The youth are taught how to access online tools to help them excel and increase their post-secondary school options.

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