The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) in partnership with Healthy East Chicago, nonprofit programs located in Northwest Indiana, have been helping the people of East Chicago, IN get the new year off to a good start. FEC awarded a general operating grant to the East Chicago Fitness Center.


FEC works towards their goal of improving the quality of life for East Chicagoans by awarding grants to other local nonprofits that promote and facilitate good work in the city. Their general operating grants are given to organizations to use for maintenance and everyday expenses. This year, FEC awarded the Fitness Center about $20,000, which the center has used in several difference aspects of operations.


The Fitness Center used some of the grant money to replace outdated and broken equipment, giving East Chicagoans more options when it comes to their physical fitness. The Center also used the grant money to fund workout classes, which vary from helping beginners prepare to run their first race to providing intense total body conditioning for more advanced patrons.


The East Chicago Fitness Center is located in East Chicago Central High School and is used by athletes and P.E. classes during school hours but is also open to the pubic all week long. This means that the FEC grant is not only helping the community to get fit, but also contributing to the health and education of students in East Chicago.


In addition to providing community members with a place to exercise, the Fitness Center and Healthy East Chicago work to educate people on the impact their life choices could have on their physical well-being. They have accomplished this through the hiring of certified fitness personnel and dissemination of health information pertaining to things like smoking cessation, diabetes, healthy eating and blood pressure management.


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