With hunger and food insecurity higher than they have ever been, the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana is working tirelessly to ensure that residents of the region have access to healthy meals. However, they have not been working alone. Many other local organizations, such as the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC), have partnered with the food bank which has resulted in the implementation of various community programs. But the Food Bank of NWI is not done yet. The organization’s mission is to eliminate hunger in Northwest Indiana. Here are the six major objectives that the food bank has put in place to achieve that goal.


-Campaign for the Future: The food bank is always working toward new ideas for programs and processes as well as improving upon existing ones.


-Optimize Operations: Streamlining processes means that more people can be fed more quickly.


-Increase Revenue: Creating partnerships with community organizations that are willing to lend financial support brings about new opportunities for programs.


-More Food In: Innovations like the Food Rescue Program allow the food bank to bring in more food from more sources.


-More Meals Out: Programs such as Senior PAC and the BackPack Program provide healthy meals to those who are most in need.


-Activate the Public: The Food Bank of NWI can always use community donors and volunteers to help with day-to-day processing or running special events!


For more information on the Food Bank of NWI, visit foundationsec.org.



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