It is widely understood that having an education will set anyone up for success in the future. However, 16% of East Chicago students will not receive their high school diploma. Integrated Student Services (ISS) is a program offered in several East Chicago schools by a collaboration of organizations that includes Communities in Schools of Lake County, School City of East Chicago, Ivy Tech Community College, HealthLinc and Geminus Corporation. This program, funded by a Collaboration Grant issued by Foundations of East Chicago, works to provide a multitude of services to students to help combat the many factors that contribute to students becoming non-graduates. The program explains that there are academic as well as non-academic factors that can stand between students and educational success. These factors are as follows:


Academic Factors

-History of school failure/retention

-Low acuity scores, reading or math achievement

-Special education/disability

-Attendance problems

-Behavioral problems, history of suspensions, high-risk peer group

-Disengagement from school, low expectations, lack of extra-curricular involvement

-Economically disadvantaged, highly mobile or non-native English speaking families


Non-Academic Factors

-Pregnancy/teen parents

-Lack of value placed on education

-Family issues or lack of family support

-Lack of student motivation

-Discipline infractions

-Problematic social associations

-Health issues


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