The Crossing School of Business and Entrepreneurship of East Chicago, a program of The Crossing National Inc., targets a group in dire need of help- struggling high school students and students who have dropped out. Many of these students suffer from behavior problems and learning disabilities, have criminal or gang backgrounds, are teen parents and have failed in every other educational program. The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) has awarded a $35,000 grant to help support this program to enable these students to achieve success.

Students are referred to The Crossing program through partnering schools and even probation and court systems. Every student who attends will develop the tools and skills they need to be successful and flourishing adults. They will graduate with their basic Indiana high school non-waiver diploma, business development skills, hands-on work experience and leadership training. In addition, they are prepared to receive a post-secondary education and employment. Students who once faced lives of public assistance dependence, under-paid jobs or prison will be able to sustain their families over the long-term.

With the FEC’s grant, The Crossing of East Chicago program has been able to transform the lives of students so they can achieve success in their future endeavors.

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