Although it is always beneficial to start college with a future plan, nearly everyone experiences changes, delays, or adjustments to their plan. Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) scholarship recipient Alexis Figueroa is no exception.


Alexis received his FEC scholarship when he graduated from East Chicago Central High School in 2014. He used it to attend Manchester University.


Once there, Alexis became very focused on his studies. He spent time assisting on research projects and even had some work published in NCBI GenBank, a database for genetic research. Alexis plans to finish his Bachelor’s degree in chemistry next spring.


However, instead of going straight into a medical program, as he had planned, Alexis will be taking a gap year to apply for Teach for America. He would like the opportunity to impact others in the way that his East Chicago and Manchester teachers have impacted him.


After Teach for America, Alexis plans to enter an M.D./Ph.D. program and focus his research on the study of metabolism under various disorders, including diabetes and cancer. Once he finishes school, he hopes to work in endocrinology or oncology. Alexis credits his undergraduate experience with inspiring his future endeavors, and explains that none of that would have been possible without the FEC scholarship.


“I would like to thank the FEC for funding my pursuit of education,” he said. “I couldn’t see myself attending any other institution for my undergraduate degree.”


Alexis encourages current high school students looking to apply for the FEC scholarship to get involved and help anywhere that they can.


“Your resume/transcript speaks for itself,” he explained. “Make sure to work on all aspects of yourself and the FEC will make sure to aid in your pursuit of self-betterment.”


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Alexis Figueroa - Recent photo