In an effort to develop a thriving workforce within the community of East Chicago, the Holistic Community Coalition is assisting in stimulating the economy through their program “Putting East Chicago Back to Work.” The successful program is one of many funded through the Foundations of East Chicago that the new interim Executive Director George Weems is passionate about.


“Putting East Chicago Back to Work is a major project and they have made a big difference within our city by helping people in East Chicago who were unemployed, and getting them qualified to get a job,” Weems said. Holistic has helped quite a number of people.”


The program seeks to deliver relevant training opportunities and develop core competencies through participant selection, employer recruitment, training and job placement. The program began in 2012.


According to Reverend Darnell Johnson, the program’s director, by the end of this year they will have secured employment for 584 East Chicago residents. “Putting East Chicago Back to Work” is also responsible for placing 30 East Chicago residents for permanent employment positons with UPS with additional interview dates pending.


“I am passionate about what can we do for the people of East Chicago, especially those agencies that are doing the groundwork, that are helping people in our city,” Weems said.  I think about the city and where it’s going and I think the Foundations can have a big impact in supporting those agencies that are making a difference. If we continue on the path that we are going, we can make a big difference.”


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