Do you want to be a Steelworker for the Future©? Do you want to earn an average annual income of $90,000?

ArcelorMittal’s, Steelworker for the Future© program, is looking for individuals with a technical mind to join their workforce. ArcelorMittal participated in the Scholarship, College, and Career Resource Fair that FEC hosted in January and are continuing their search for high school students with a diploma or equivalent.

At a glance: Steelworker for the Future©

  • Applicants must successfully pass a community college entrance exam and drug screen and complete the first semester core classes (13 credits minimum) while maintaining a 2.8 GPA or higher
  • 2.5 year associate degree program at a partner community college
  • Program includes four semesters of classroom learning plus up to 16 weeks of paid, on-the-job training at an ArcelorMittal facility
  • Graduates earn enhanced employability upon graduation as a Maintenance Technician Mechanical (MTM) or Maintenance Technician Electrical (MTE)

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