With over 30,000 Square feet of facilities, Healthy East Chicago, Inc. (HEC) offers a variety of health and human services under one roof. HEC also provides a number of monthly health education and screening programs sponsored by a variety of community agencies. The Foundations of East Chicago sponsors programs that cover a wide range of subjects designed to help the community grow, share and learn. In East Chicago, improving and maintaining the health of the community is always a major priority. In order to meet the demand for services, the Foundations of East Chicago provides funds for the salaries of two certified trainers for the East Chicago Fitness Center.  Funds have also been provided for the purchase of new, state-of-the-art equipment for the facility, located at 1100 W Columbus Drive in East Chicago.


After joining, members of the facility are invited to work with the facility’s trainers to design a personal wellness program.  As part of a personal wellness program, maintaining a healthy weight is high among common goals, but this goal becomes even more urgent following the holiday season, where extra indulging can lead to gaining extra pounds.


Get Healthy: Get Moving

Being overweight or obese can raise your risk of many different health complications. Everyday choices for healthy eating and exercise can help you control your weight and lower the risk of health complications by:


  • Avoiding excessive weight-gain
  • Balancing your caloric intake with the amount of physical activity you do


To maintain a healthy weight, adults should engage in at least thirty minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity, above usual activities, on 5 or more days of the week. Forty-five to sixty minutes of intentional physical activity on 5 or more days of the week is even better.


It adds up. Your daily amount of activity doesn’t have to be all at one time, but it’s most valuable if it’s done in blocks of at least twenty minutes. You can be active in many diverse ways. Some examples include walking briskly, swimming or by working out regularly at East Chicago Fitness Center, to name a few. The more you do the better. If you have children, be active with them. But be sure to check with your healthcare provider before beginning an exercise routine.


For more information about joining the East Chicago Fitness Center or questions about the facility, contact the Fitness Center director, Coach Richard Peterson and staff at 219.391.4039.


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