Northwest Indiana nonprofits should be making the most of their online communication efforts. Digital communication is just as important for nonprofit organizations as it is for corporations, if not more-so, due to the fact that many nonprofits have tight budgets and digital communication can often be carried out for free or at a relatively low cost. Here are some tips for successfully communicating with your audiences on a digital platform.


  1. Coordinate social efforts with e-newsletters and fundraising campaigns to create consistency across all communication channels.
  2. Be sure to feature call-to-follow icons in e-newsletters to promote your social pages.
  3. Create unique social media graphics for fundraising events to effectively promote your event to all audiences.
  4. Purchase domain names for annual events years in advance to ensure the security of your brand.
  5. Use only one to two hashtags per tweet. Studies have shown that using more than this on Twitter causes followers to view your content as spam, which results in fewer clicks.
  6. Including your event or campaign hashtags in your Twitter and Instagram biographies will give followers easy access to the conversation surrounding your organization.
  7. Be sure to keep the content on your About page and social bios short and simple. This is not the place for long mission and vision statements.


These tips will help nonprofits to grow their audiences, increase awareness surrounding events, and streamline communication. For more information regarding creating success for your nonprofit, visit