Top 20, Inc. gives teenage girls in East Chicago the opportunity to attend dance lessons, perform at recitals and go on field trips. Sounds like fun, right? Well, the organization is actually using these methods in conjunction with community service projects and mentor ship sessions to accomplish something much more meaningful. Top 20 is teaching girls about leading a healthy lifestyle and having success in school. In fact, there are five core values that Top 20 works to instill in all participants that will not only help them to have success in life, but to bring positivism with them and contribute in their communities. The five values are:


-Choosing to be drug free

-Choosing to eat healthy, balanced meals each day

-Choosing to learn about and take care of your physical health

-Choosing good hygiene

-Choosing to stay active throughout life


By making these choices, Top 20 participants will be able to achieve their goals and give back to their communities in a positive way. For more information on what Top 20 is doing for the people of East Chicago, visit