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What bonds poverty and poor health? Poverty and poor health worldwide are undisputably coupled. The causes of poor health for millions globally finds its roots in political, social and economic injustices. Poverty is the cause and the result of poor health. Foundations of East Chicago supports Bridges to Wellness Network as they combat this serious issue. 


What other links are there between poverty and poor health?

The economic and political framework which preserve poverty and discrimination need to be revolutionized in order for the mountain of poverty and poor health to be conquered.


Marginalized groups and vulnerable individuals are consistently the most affected. Deprived of the information, finances and/or access to health services that would help them prevent and treat most if not all disease, many find themselves in bodies which are failing them.


The elimination of these ruinous conditions is the undertaking of Bridges to Wellness Network, sponsored through a Collaboration Grant from Foundations of East Chicago. BTWN is committed to providing the 45 years of age plus population of East Chicago with education, resources, and motivation to live healthy lives.


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