Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) has been assisting in the financial needs of students in the form of opportunities for scholarships since 1999, and scholarship recipient Clarinda Guevara refused to block that opportunity.


East Chicago Central graduate Guevara said she applied for the FEC scholarships because she realized the monetary necessities that came with the desire for higher education. Guevara said it is unimaginable to think that paying for a variety of college expenses such as books and other course materials would be possible had it not been for the FEC scholarship.


While currently in her final year of pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with a focus in Arts & Humanities, Guevara stresses to upcoming students that the opportunities cannot be pushed away.


“What’s the worst that can happen by just trying to achieve better for yourself,” Guevara said. “Don’t think about it twice, just do it before more time is wasted.”


Guevara said the existence of FEC is necessary for the youth of East Chicago. FEC was the difference between how she prepared for college compared to how other students who don’t receive these opportunities from an organization.


“Being a recipient ignited the pride in me knowing that I wasn’t just striving for my city, but my city was striving for me and my classmates,” Guevara said.


FEC provides scholarship opportunities to all students, which help motivate and push them towards pursuing the next chapter in their life. To learn more about opportunities and recipient stories such as Guevara’s, visit


Clarinda Guevara