The Northwest Indiana Reinvestment Alliance believes that a strong community is one in which the residents themselves are strengthened through homeownership, rehabilitation and good credit. It is this belief that drives the Alliance to work to provide opportunities, education and other resources for low-to-moderate income residents of East Chicago.


The Alliance is a nonprofit, community based organization that was established in 1989. It is sponsored by numerous local banks and uses these sponsorships as well as grants from organizations like Foundations of East Chicago to run many of its programs and services. Some of these services include financial literacy counseling, pre- and post-homeownership counseling, business education and many more.


The program that is currently being run by the Alliance is the Entrepreneurial and Small Business Project which offers education on entrepreneurship and certification to participants. The Alliance also started “How to get Financing for Your Micro and Small Business”, another educational program, in mid-October.


The goal of all of the programs and services offered by the Alliance is to help those who use them to become more financially stable and independent. The Alliance believes that, when this is done on a large scale, the community as a whole becomes a more stable place to live.


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