Top 20, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that has been offering girls in East Chicago the opportunity to learn about making good choices through dance classes since 2012. Up until this year, the classes have solely been offered on Saturdays during the school year. However, through funding from other organizations, including the Foundations of East Chicago, Top 20 will be extending this year’s curriculum and offering a summer session.


The goal of Top 20 is to combat negative health and educational trends in East Chicago by teaching teenage girls about nutrition, fitness, self-respect and the benefits of a good education. The organization does this through dance lessons, public recitals, field trips, community service opportunities and mentor ship.


The new summer program, Top 20 II, will tentatively be held Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm during the month of June. Participants will be taught various types of dance, including jazz and African dance techniques, and will have the opportunity to perform what they have learned at a recital. During their time at Top 20 II, the girls will be provided with healthy lunches, snacks and drinks.


Additionally, girls who participate in the program will receive leotards, tights and journals. The journals will be used for reflecting on mentor ship sessions or activities. This helps the girls to think about what they have experienced and to learn more about themselves through self-reflection.


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