.   Recently 62 students were awarded a total of $190,000 from the Foundations of East Chicago. A ceremony was held at East Chicago High School to award these scholarships to all of the recipients. The students come from 6 high schools throughout the region and have each shown a high level of dedication and work ethic. FEC board president Nadyne Kokot was so impressed with this year’s group of scholars that everyone who applied for a scholarship received a scholarship. Most of the scholarships are renewable on a yearly basis and 17 scholarships were for $6,000 or more.

.   More financial assistance for students was awarded by the foundation this year than on any previous year. So far the Foundations of East Chicago has awarded about $5 million to students from the region, most of whom have attended universities and colleges in Indiana. The FEC has been providing East Chicagoans financial aid since 1998 when it provided three scholarships worth about $20,000 total. Hundreds of East Chicagoans have been helped by this and hundreds more will be helped in the future.

.   The Foundations of East Chicago has made helping youth within East Chicago a priority and will continue to help them thrive for years to come.