_   Many people often ask, “What is the Foundations of East Chicago?” “What does the FEC do?” “Why do we need the FEC?” While we have been around for a while, many more people within East Chicago have not even heard of us. The foundation works in the background and provides the quality of live in East Chicago through strategic grant making, providing leadership, and serving as a community resource. The Foundations of East Chicago is a philanthropic organization dedicated to helping strengthen and improve the quality of life in East Chicago through strategic grant and scholarship programs, providing leadership in offering exposure to academic advancements and serving as a community resource.  We are committed to improving the lives of every resident in our city. That is our mission.


_   The Foundations of East Chicago was created to support local schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations with expert community knowledge. It is the FEC’s job to find were the money is needed most and were it will do the most good. It is funded by the local casino within East Chicago and has provided millions over the years to strengthen and develop the community.


_   Since the creation of the FEC, over $30 million in aid has been provided to the community.

  • $6,515,000 for youth development
  • $3,507,000 for family support
  • $5,756,000 for education
  • $1,630,000 for public safety
  • $2,070,000 for health
  • $11,031,000 for community economic development


_   For more details on what the FEC does for East Chicago, click here.


_   There are three critical priorities for the community that the FEC is currently focused on; education, health, and developing a safe and viable community.


We are the Foundations of East Chicago and this is what we do.