The United States has fallen behind other countries when it comes to effectively preparing children for school. According to National Kids Count, 61% of three and four-year-olds in Indiana are not enrolled in preschool. Now, this may not seem alarming because some families believe preschool educations can be taught at home. However, some of these children aren’t as prepared as others to enter kindergarten.


Early engagement helps build strong relationships between parents and schools, which results in parents having a better understanding of the academic status of their children. Sometimes economic hardships can minimize the time parents get to spend with children regarding school. This can result in fewer academic opportunities for the student.


This is why new projects such as Ready to Soar are so important. The project exists to help enable students from economically disadvantaged situations to be better prepared for school. To learn more about this program, contact Early Learning Partnership at (219) 554-1710


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