The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) works with local nonprofit organizations (NPO) every day. The more donors that these organizations can attract, the more resources they can provide for people in the community. In order to bring in more donations, nonprofits have to know where and how to reach donors. NPOs should have specific marketing strategies in place for doing just that. If your nonprofit organization does not have a strategy for marketing to donors, here are some tips to get you started.

  • Use Social Media
    • In 2017, social media is the number one way of reaching people. If your organization is still spending time and resources on sending physical mailers or hosting trade shows, it may be time to allocate those funds to social media efforts. Social ads on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow you to select a target audience, so your digital ads will appear in front of exactly the right people. Additionally, analytics platforms make it easier than ever to track your success with these efforts.
  • Make your Message Clear
    • If donors are going to open their wallets to your organization, they often want to know exactly what they will be helping to fund. Be transparent in your communication with donors and they will be more generous with their contributions. 
  • Use Content
    • Utilize content as a way of giving your donors something to entice them to donate. Use your web content to reinforce your brand, detail your mission and goals, and articulate for what you will be using donor contributions. Content is also a key factor in increasing the reach of your brand. The more people who see and read your content, the more potential donors your organization makes contact with.
  • Utilize SEO
    • Having an active online presence is the most effective way for ensuring that donors can find your organization. You can boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by using social media, blogging, and incorporating keywords. Improving your organization’s SEO will help you to remain top of mind when donors are looking to give.
  • Create a Blog
    • Blogging is a key way for your organization to communicate your mission and goals with donors, which can inspire them to donate. Write about your overall goal, plan for reaching it, programs offered, etc. It is also important to create new blog postings regularly. Those interested in your organization will keep coming back for more, and you want to have something to give them.

It is part of FEC’s mission to provide assistance to East Chicago organizations. To learn more about marketing to donors and other tips for nonprofits, visit


Attracting Donors Through Marketing Efforts