The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) understands that, in the nonprofit world, many employees wear several different hats for their organization. We also know that people often choose to go into nonprofits for more than just the money. They want fulfillment out of the work that they do. This means that those who manage them may have to take a different approach than managers in the corporate world. Check out the following tips FEC has for staff management at a nonprofit.


 1. Let Staff Make Some Decisions

Part of what brought your staff to work at a nonprofit is the motivation to make a difference. By allowing employees to work through some tough decisions on their own, with just a little guidance from management, you will be helping to empower them, creating a sense of confidence that will bring future success for your organization.


 2. Listen

Ensure that the voices of staff members are heard. Allow them to pitch ideas and listen to problems that they may have.


 3. Establish Clear Roles

As stated, sometimes nonprofit workers end up doing a lot of work that is outside of their job descriptions. Be sure to make the roles and responsibilities of each employee clear to avoid confusion and increase confidence.


 4. Show Appreciation

Workers who feel appreciated will always try harder for their organization. Be sure to show your staff that you appreciate all they do.


 5. Hold Regular Reviews

It is important that staff and management are all on the same page. By conducting regular reviews, management can acknowledge successes and clarify expectations so everyone has an understanding of what is to be done.


 6. Provide Opportunities for Growth and Advancement

When staff can develop their skills and work a little bit outside their comfort zones, they become better workers. Also, workers who feel as though they have something to strive for, and not like they are stuck, will likely stay with the organization longer and work harder.


 7. Encourage Collaboration

By giving your staff opportunities to work with each other on various projects, you are helping to foster a more positive working environment. Employees are more likely to develop a sense of camaraderie and enjoy their work more.


As a grant writing organization, FEC works with several nonprofit organizations across East Chicago and the Northwest Indiana region. For more information you can utilize for your nonprofit, visit