New technology is coming out all the time. In order to stay on top of current trends, it is important that nonprofits work to incorporate this technology into their daily processes and procedures. This means training staff on how to best utilize tech for the organization. Check out the following bits of advice for teaching staff about new tech.


 1. Always Make it a Point to Offer Training

Even if something seems intuitive to some, others may still need training. Be sure that all staff that may be using the technology is properly trained to do so.


 2. Specify Learning Objectives

Tell people what it is that you want them to take away from the training. Specified learning objectives help trainees to focus in on the most important parts of the training.


 3. Keep it Friendly and Non-Judgmental

Many people feel intimidated by technology or ashamed of their unfamiliarity with certain processes. Keeping the training friendly will help employees to learn and feel comfortable.


 4. Have Fun

Some technology topics can be very dry and boring. This makes it difficult for learners to stay focused. By including funny images on your slides or incorporating an entertaining video, you can bring a little fun and humor to the training to help keep everyone engaged.


 5. Allow People to Practice

As with any new skill, practice helps to make perfect. Allowing your staff to practice what they are learning will increase their proficiency with the new tool.


 6. Provide Handouts

Everybody learns differently. Distributing handouts regarding the material will help learners to see what is important and practice with the tool regardless of their note-taking abilities.


 7. Break it Up

If the training is long, break it up into smaller sessions. This will help learners to remain focused and retain information.


 8. Gather Feedback

As previously stated, new technology is being developed all the time. This means that you will likely be conducting another technological training in the future. That is why it is important to gather feedback from learners and use it to evaluate your processes. You may be able to improve upon your approach and have an even more effective training session next time.


The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) work with a variety of nonprofit organizations that utilize their technology for many functions. We can help your nonprofit maximize the effectiveness of the tools at hand. Visit for more information.