When someone is interested in your organization, the first thing they will do is visit your website. Having an attractive, user-friendly website will always help when it comes to driving visitors and donations. The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) recommends showing the following tips to your organization’s webmaster to ensure you are doing all you can to attract your audience and increase funding!


-Make sure your site is mobile-responsive

-Include social elements

-Add a subscription box

-Be sure the most relevant information is featured

-Place the navigation bar at the top

-Keep titles simple

-Provide multiple ways to get to key content

-Make the organization’s cause clear

-Include the logo in the top left section of the page

-Update your website every two to four years

-Be consistent with branding

-Develop a content strategy

-Use compelling images

-Prominently display the donation button

-Highlight organizational events

-Include multimedia features

-Create a media kit


FEC works with nonprofits on improving their organizations every day. For more information on how to optimize your nonprofit’s marketing efforts, visit www.FoundationsEC.org.