While the Concerned Calumet Citizens Committee, CCCC, is primarily known for its production of the Calumet Day Weekend celebration, the committee also holds several other events and activities in the Calumet area throughout the year.


For the past five years, the CCCC has held their Black History program for the people of East Chicago. In celebration of this event, attendees wear traditional African attire and celebrate and learn about the history of African American culture.


The CCCC also holds an annual Calumet Day Prayer Breakfast in the spring. This is an opportunity for several different pastors and members of their congregations to get together, share a meal and pray for the community.


The CCCC sponsors an annual bus trip to a Michigan casino for the senior citizens in the community. This event has been in place for the past two years and provides older residents with the opportunity to visit areas outside of East Chicago.


The Harvest of Plenty event is a program held each November which involves an ice cream social at the East Chicago Rehabilitation Center. Residents of the center are also provided with gift bags filled with personal hygiene products courtesy of the CCCC.


In keeping with the holiday theme, the CCCC hosts several December parties and events that provide community members with movie nights, dinners and giveaways.


Finally, the CCCC partners with Carrie Gosch Elemantary School in East Chicago to provide needy students with winter clothes. The organization also helps to sponsor the school’s perfect attendance program for which students who attend school every day for the whole school year receive a gift certificate and a trophy.


The CCCC is involved in many areas of the betterment of the community of East Chicago. To learn more about all that this organization does, visit www.calumetdaycommittee.com.