For the past 21 years, residents of the Calumet community have come together to enjoy a weekend of food and fun at the Calumet Day Weekend celebration. Each year, the festival has grown and has drawn more community members to take in the entertainment and join in on the activities.


In the past, the Concerned Calumet Citizens Committee, CCCC, which puts on the celebration, has funded the weekend by sending out mailers to community members, politicians and organizations and by holding fundraising events. However, in recent years, the weekend festival has gotten so large that these efforts were no longer enough.


In 2013, CCCC reached out to FEC asking for a grant to help fund the Calumet Day Weekend celebration. FEC granted the funds and has been working with the CCCC on the event ever since.


The Calumet Day Weekend celebration is a three-day event that promotes family and togetherness in the Calumet community. Each year, the weekend begins with an awards banquet held at the Ameristar Discovery Ballroom. This banquet includes dinner and the presentation of scholarships to local students as well as legend awards to other exemplary residents.


The next day begins with a parade through the community in which many prominent community members and groups are showcased. FEC even sponsors a float on which the scholarship recipients ride through town.


The parade ends at Riley Park where an all-day picnic is held. The picnic includes entertainment, food, giveaways, games and attractions for kids. The goal of the picnic is to bring members of all parts of East Chicago together to have a good time.


The weekend concludes with a worship ceremony on Sunday in which all are invited to participate. The ceremony is a way of giving thanks for another successful Calumet Day Weekend.


The CCCC just held its 21st annual Calumet Day Weekend celebration. Just as they have done for the previous two years, FEC was one of the sponsors of the event. Another yearly sponsor is the Ameristar Casino which has provided the banquet hall used on the first night of the event for several years.


Every year, all are invited to come out for the weekend to celebrate life and togetherness in the Calumet area. This year’s event was held July 24-26. For more information on the event, visit