Leon Kendrick Youth Voices United of East Chicago is a nonprofit organization that provides visual and performing arts education and training to low and middle income children in East Chicago. The program has many benefits, including giving children a place to be after school and allowing them to hone artistic talents that can serve them well in their education and give them a creative outlet. Because the organization is a nonprofit, several activities are held each year in order for Leon Kendrick Youth Voices United of East Chicago to continue serving the youth in the community. Some of these fundraising events are:


-a masquerade ball

-a costume party

-an arts show

-open mic events

-a prom for kids

-a daddy/daughter dance

-a mother/son dance

-talent shows

-a parade

-movie nights


All these events take place at various times throughout the year and help to raise money so East Chicago children can continue to receive art education and training through Leon Kendrick Youth Voices United. For more information on this organization or to learn how to donate, visit www.FoundationsEC.org.