The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) have a set of three pillars by which grantee organizations are assessed. They are Education, Health and Safety, and Community Enrichment. Each grantee organization must appeal to at least one of these pillars in their mission for the community.


Leon Kendrick Youth Voices United of East Chicago (LKYVU) is a nonprofit organization which has received an FEC grant for the first time this year. LKYVU offers visual and performing arts classes to East Chicago children from low and middle income families. This mission fulfills the FEC pillar of community enrichment.


In their grant application, LKYVU said that they can be the city’s source for song, dance, drama and other visual and performing arts during this time of restoration. The program also offers something that is hard to come by in East Chicago: affordable youth recreational art classes.


There are many options when it comes to youth sports teams and organizations in the city. However, the arts can, at times, be overlooked. Nurturing and growing this program will give the youth in East Chicago more options and help them to become well-rounded individuals.


LKYVU also has a vision for the future of the city. Given some years for growth, LKYVU believes that they can be an artistic draw for visitors and tourists to come to East Chicago. This would help to boost the local economy, providing a stronger community for all.


LKYVU also helps to enrich the community by giving the youth a place to be when they aren’t in school. Children and teens with nothing to do after school can often get into trouble. By providing a safe place with fun activities, LKYVU is working to reduce crime in East Chicago and get kids on the right path.


Because it is a nonprofit program, LKYVU depends entirely on grants, fundraising and donations. To find out how you can help, check out the organization’s donation page.


To learn more about LKYVU, visit