Thanks to the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC), Dante Dinkins’ daughter will be forever grateful. Both of her parents are college graduates because of an FEC scholarship.

Dante is a three-time recipient of a continuing education scholarship. With the money he received he has been able to attend Manchester University, Purdue University and most recently, Ohio State University. He received his BS in educational studies and is working on his second masters in recreational and sports pedagogy. He said one thing that’s not stressed to future college students is the high cost of school books.

“The scholarships saved me in several cases where I was able to buy my books for my classes,” Dante said. “You will have to spend a ton of money on books!”

But he also added that he considered the continuing education scholarship to be an investment. He was inspired to not let down those who invested in him, referring to FEC.

But perhaps the same could be said about his daughter.

“…this is all for her. She will see the change, know the difference and value education.”


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