Kathy Zipko is a member of the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) Grant Committee. She reviews grant proposals attends site, visits, evaluates visits, interviews participants and attends other scheduled meetings.

Kathy mentioned that the aspect of her position she finds most rewarding is meeting so many wonderful people and being a part of the Foundations of East Chicago. Attending site visits gives her the opportunity to see the impact the program is having on the East Chicago community.

As a grant committee member, since 2014, Kathy has seen many grantees come and go from the Foundations.  She would inform an organization who is applying for a grant to check for accuracy, content, and clarity.  She would also inform them of the competitive nature of each of the grant cycles.  She would stress the importance of someone else reading their application prior to turning it into FEC.

Lastly, if they were to get a denial letter, she would encourage them to apply again! “I think very highly about the Foundations of East Chicago and what they do.” 

“I think I’ve said it – the Foundations are a beacon of hope for the community.”