Preparing to attend college can be intimidating and paying for college can be an even more daunting task! That is why the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) encourages students to apply for scholarships and prepare for their future. Edwin Wilson is an East Chicago Central High alum who received the FEC scholarship in 2016. He received $3,500 a year for four years to attend Indiana State University and is currently on his third year taking full advantage of everything college has to offer.

 Edwin wants to stress the importance of applying to scholarships to assist with college costs, “I learned about the scholarship through Mrs. Tereka Boone. I applied for the FEC scholarship because I knew I was going to need help paying for college and books. I wanted to help set the standard that students from East Chicago can graduate and go off to do prominent things.”

With the financial help that FEC provides Edwin, he is able to focus on his college career and not worry as much about tuition costs. “Receiving the FEC scholarship helped me get through the first 3 years of college and being grateful for not having to worry about finances. This has helped impact my plans because I now have set my standards higher.” He plans to graduate from Indiana State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training as well as continue his involvement in campus organizations as he knows this will enable him to have more opportunities in the future.

Edwin credits FEC for playing a big role in his successful first three years of college and wants to set an example to East Chicago students as someone who is following his dreams. “I would like to tell FEC thank you for all the opportunities I received to become a better person.  If I had not received this scholarship, I would not have attended Indiana State University and pledged the Greatest Fraternity in the world (Kappa Alpha Psi) to meet new people from all around the United States. Next, I want to influence more students from East Chicago to go out and take the step to experience the new things in life and I feel I did just that by applying for the FEC scholarship.”

Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) is proud to support the dreams of students like Edwin Wilson and looks forward to the many more students that apply and utilize the scholarship to better their future!