Leon Kendrick Youth Voices United of East Chicago (LKYVU) is a nonprofit organization that offers various visual and performing arts classes to East Chicago children from low and middle income families. These classes take place during three sessions that span the entire calendar year. Each session provides a variety of artistic options for the children. Check out the list below to learn about the different departments at LKYVU.


-Music Department: This department offers training in singing, piano, music literacy, movement, multicultural music, creative expression and performance etiquette. Students practice these skills in both a solo and choral setting. They get to showcase their talents at quarterly productions, events or recitals.


-Visual Arts Department: This department teaches the students about art history, drawing, painting and costume design. The works created in these sessions are also displayed at the quarterly events.


-Theatre/Drama Department: Students learn creative writing, character development and literacy comprehension in this department. The students in these sessions assist in the writing, acting and production of the quarterly performances.


-Dance Department: Students will learn about the history of dance in this department. As they advance in the program, they will practice modern, jazz and hip-hop styles of dance. All of this is showcased at the quarterly performances.


LKYVU truly has something for everyone. To learn more, visit www.FoundationsEC.org.