The Ready to Soar program was created for many reasons including helping students with transitioning in to school, literary skills and social skills. Previously, East Chicago offered little opportunity for engagement or readiness activities. The Ready to Soar program aims to change that.


Early Learning Partnership (ELP) saw the lack of school preparation as a contributing factor to the achievement gap between communities within the same counties. ELP said they set out to offer support to school districts by providing parent education services and designing comprehensive screenings. In the past three years, the pilot has screened 695 incoming students with an average 51% of children showing potential for delay. Since then, the program has expanded to other communities which have established their own academies.


However, many communities still do not have proper programs in place for helping young children succeed in school. Ready to Soar could be the start of an initiative that helps more school districts and communities. To learn more about this program, contact Early Learning Partnership at (219) 554-1710.


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