For over a decade, Sylvia Morrisroe has used her experience in and appreciation of education to drive her ongoing contributions to the workings of the Foundations of East Chicago Board of Directors.


In 2011, she was recruited to the board. Being a retired teacher and guidance counselor, she adds depth to the Board’s understanding of education issues. Her Hispanic heritage also helped round out the board.


“It’s been quite a rewarding experience,” says Sylvia, who notes how the Foundation’s scholarship program has become more inclusive over time.


“One of our decisions that I thought was important was to lower the GPA requirement to 2.5. There is a lot of talent between the top and that lower range of scholastic achievement, and I believed it was important to recognize and encourage those who had potential,” she says.


She thinks it was beneficial to broaden the base to include non-English speakers among the scholarship winners. Another decision to ensure students were recognized for their community involvements also has helped to enrich the field of FEC scholars throughout the years.


“We have to keep motivating our young people,” Sylvia says. “Motivation is what they need to successfully pursue higher education.”


In addition to her work as an educator and contributions to the FEC, Sylvia is wife to Richard, who holds doctoral degrees in law, as a minister and in social work…and “manages to keep up with me.” Her son lives in New York and daughter in Griffith, with four grandsons.