Nadyne Kokot is the President of the Board of Directors for the Foundations of East Chicago.


“Education is my background,” Kokot said in a recent interview. “I’m really heavy in making sure our students who receive scholarships stay on track to reach their goals.”


Mrs. Kokot has a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology and a Master’s degree in Special Education from Indiana University.  She is committed to the success of the Foundations of East Chicago’s collaborative efforts through its grant making process.


“We are always available to all members of the community who are in need of educational services and we are also committed to ensuring that the health and safety of all members of the community are always at the forefront of our strategic plan,” Kokot said. “I think we have done and continue to do a great job on behalf the citizens of East Chicago.”


Kokot has served on the Foundations of East Chicago Board of Directors since its inception in 1997. She has also served as a Speech/Hearing Pathologist, Special Education Teacher, Director of Special Education, and Director of Finance for the School City of East Chicago.