Moms Taking Charge relies on the Foundations of East Chicago to make their programs and activities for mothers and their families happen as their sole funding source. It is the reason Moms Taking Charge has made advancements with the program. It is also because of Foundations they have been able to meet the needs of their clients. This includes providing their clients with the necessary information and knowledge to have successful and independent lives.


FEC is encouraging of the program and staff members. They have encouraged staff members to attend skill-building workshops as well as seeking out additional sources of funding to keep growing Moms Taking Charge programs.


Because of FEC’s contributions, families in East Chicago that have participated in the program have benefited and improved in areas of job employment, parenting skills, post-secondary educational opportunities, and family circumstances such as food and housing.


In 2014, 656 total families were served, 1440 individuals.
Foundations of East Chicago’s support ensures that Moms Taking Charge will be able to continue to help moms in the program in the future.


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