How many students worry about paying tuition for their higher education?

The answer is A LOT. Unfortunately, attending college isn’t always an option to students if they don’t have extra help, such as a scholarship. And that’s why Gregory Sher, a student at East Chicago Central High School, applied for the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) scholarship.

When asked why he applied for the FEC scholarship, he said, “To prevent myself from getting [into] debt for college, and not have to have my parents worry about paying for my college expenses.”

With his $5,000 scholarship, which is renewable for four years, he plans on graduating from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) with a degree in Computer Science. He will then try to obtain a Master’s degree.

“Thanks to the FEC scholarship, I have not had to worry about paying college bills as everything is paid for. This has given me a full ride to IUPUI, which is a blessing to me. I believe as I continue to get the FEC scholarship, I will continue to get a free education.

Because this scholarship has presented Gregory with an extraordinary opportunity, he encourages younger high school students to apply as well. He tries to “persuade them to make sure they apply and get it done very early, as this scholarship is one of the greatest scholarships to come to East Chicago students.”

He would like to tell FEC that he is extremely grateful for helping him reach his dream goal. He adds, “I thank them for all of the scholarships that they’ve given to every other recipient, and I hope they continue to give great scholarships to all the great students that deserve it.”

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Gregory Sher