The Foundations of East Chicago Scholarship Program is designed to help East Chicago students achieve their educational dreams, whatever they may be. For Kaylyn Anderson, a 2014 graduate of Whiting High School, this meant graduating college early and saving for graduate school.

There are all types of scholarships and financial aid opportunities available to students. Those who can combine these forms of assistance give themselves the chance to achieve anything they want.

Kaylyn received a renewable FEC scholarship in the amount of $6,000. She added this to her other financial aid awards and was able to use the money to take more classes than traditional full-time students. Doing this will allow Kaylyn to finish her bachelor’s degree a semester ahead of schedule. But that isn’t all Kaylyn has accomplished with her scholarship.

Because Kaylyn did not have to pay much for her undergraduate tuition, housing, books, and fees at Concordia University Chicago, she has been able to save her money, which she plans to put towards her graduate degree in education.

“This scholarship has assisted me in paying for the cost of attending a university that specializes in training future educators,” explained Kaylyn, who will one day work in elementary education.

While the FEC scholarship is certainly a great help to local students, there are only so many that can be awarded each year. Also, the cost of college is rising, meaning it is vital that students learn to apply for a variety of awards to help pay for their education, like Kaylyn did.

One place that East Chicago students can look for other scholarships is This site allows you to create a personalized profile so that you will have scholarships that suit your needs and experience funneled right to your email.

Students should also fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before the start of each school year. This will help determine how much free government aid a student is eligible to receive for college. Determining factors include family financial status and how many current college students are in the family.

These are just some ways that East Chicago students can work to better their future and achieve their educational goals. For more information, visit