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Attending college today can cost hundreds of dollars per credit hour. This makes it very financially challenging to graduate within four years. However, in the long run, taking longer to graduate results in more housing and/or university fees paid. This is where receiving financial aid in the form of scholarships can make a big difference.


Scholarships allow students to pay for school without having to take out additional loans, which need to be paid back with interest. Students who receive scholarships can afford to take more classes each semester, reducing the total amount of time needed to obtain a degree. One student who has experienced this first-hand is Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) scholarship recipient Keon Brown.


Keon is an East Chicago native and graduate of East Chicago Central High School. He learned about the FEC scholarship program through an informational meeting that was held at the school.


“I was in need of money for my college education,” explained Keon.


Keon is currently attending Indiana University in Bloomington and is working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice and a minor degree in human resource management.


The scholarship that Keon is receiving is renewable over the course of four years, provided that he keep his grades up. Keon explained that, because of this scholarship, he is able to take more classes each semester and graduate sooner. This will allow him to get his career underway and start helping people.


“I would encourage anyone to apply and get the same opportunities and benefits I received with this FEC scholarship,” said Keon.


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